Earn Bitcoins Through Your Browser!

At TypeHash we have developed a new hybrid form of mining, combining crowd mining and user pooling! All we require from you is to leave your browser open and occasionaly refresh your page. You can find the average earning quota per day at the top of our website on every page!



Payments are sent out within 24 hours of requesting your payment. We send out payments via Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin!


As a member you will earn 10% of every referrals base mine plus 15% from purchases. We offer some of the highest rates in the industry for crowd mining.

Questions and Answers

Can I have more than one account?

We only allow one account per household.

When will I receive my payment?

We send bitcoin payments out within 24 hours. Alt coins may take a little bit longer.

What are Tech Upgrades

Tech upgrades allow you to nearly double your daily earnings and mine even when you are not online! Check out the earn more page once you login for more info.

How many tech upgrades can I have?

We have no limit for tech upgrades.

Can I tell my friend?

Yes please do, feel free to share your referral link on facebook and other forums or social media and earn 10% from your referrals mining and 15% of their purchases.

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